Mike Turchenkov June 2018 — present Sberbank Head of IT Systems Development (Big Data Department) • Developed microservices for internal dataflow control system, featuring event-sourcing, reactive streams, kappa-architecture. (Scala, Akka Streams, Kafka, Reactive Streams) • Developed adaptive web-GUI for GraphQL-based services, featuring SPA and Flux state management pattern. (flex, Scala, scss, React, Bulma, webpack, Diode, GraphQL, SPA, scalajs-react, sbt-web-scalajs, npm, Flux/Redux, Scala.js, sangria) • Improved and adapted Scala.js wrapper of Apollo client for GraphQL for new scalajs-react version. (Scala, GraphQL, scalajs-react, Apollo, Scala.js) • Developed scalajs react module for visualization of DAG(directed acyclic graph), featuring dagre typed wrapper with custom smoothing algorithm. (Scala, scalajs-react, SVG, dagre, Scala.js) • Automated assembling of rmp packages with custom systemd scripts for microservices using customized sbt plugin. (Scala, sbt-native-packager, rpm, systemd) August 2017 — June 2018 Sberbank-Technologies Head of IT Systems Development • Developed reactive notification microservice, based on an asynchronous wrapper for blocking javax-mail and Slick JDBC calls, with test coverage using GreenMail. (Scala, Akka Streams, javax-mail, GreenMail, Slick, Kafka, Reactive Streams) • Build a codegen tool for rapid prototyping in terms of validatable architecture, based on ER-diagram, as part of an innovative pipeline of versioning, auto-documentation, and deployment. (Scala, Graphviz, Slick, sbt, Nexus, Confluence, SQL) • Developed a type-safe analytics package for ETL processes in Hadoop ecosystem, featuring REPL interface. (Angular, Hive, Scala, Impala, Spark, Oozie) • Created transcompiler Python → Scala to migrate financial analytic’s models to Spark, using ANTLR grammars. (Scala, Python, ANTLR4, Spark, Parboiled) June 2016 — August 2017 Sberbank-Technologies Senior Scala developer • Performed BigData Warehouse tasks, including data validation, query optimization, and partitioning. (Hive, Scala, Impala, Spark, Oozie, CDH) • Developed, stress-tested and tuned distributed graph algorithms for an off-heap graph database. (TinkerPop, Dijkstra, Scala, Gremlin, larray, Neo4j, Spark) • Implemented PageRank for a Preguel-like distributed graph engine. (Scala, breeze, Spark) • Developed interactive visualization module for graph analytics distributed engine. (Scala, Gephi, Akka, Spark, Akka Cluster) September 2014 — June 2016 Treatface Scala developer • Participated in network monitoring system development. (Angular, Scala, grunt, SNMP, bootstrap, bower) • Developed a visualization module for real-time event stream. (Angular, grunt, WebSocket, npm, bootstrap, vis.js, bower) • Developed interpreter for SNMP MID OID language, featuring variables, type system, math functions, and OID operations. (peg, OID, Scala, parboiled, SNMP, MIB) • Developed scalable modules for network monitoring system featuring Akka Cluster. (Scala, Akka, Akka Cluster) • Refactored code to magnet pattern for non-invasive libraries extensions. (Scala, magnet pattern) • Practiced aglie and scrum methodologies, developed custom Jira workflow. (Jira, Confluence, agile boards) • Worked with virtual machines and containers to make dev and test environment. (VMware, Docker, VirtualBox) • Developed non-blocking scala-interface for NoSQL database, performed optimization and administering. (Scala, NoSQL, MongoDB, Akka, Actors) January 2012 — September 2014 Biosim Research Group Mathematician developer • Managed and conducted R&D projects in mathematical modeling and machine learning. (Matlab, Statistica, CUDA, Python, Mathematica, LaTeX, OpenCV, C++, R, Octave) • Visualized how different prioritization strategies perform using ProcessingJS. (ProcessingJS) • Developed plugins for interactive customization of 3d models in 3ds Max. (3ds Max, MaxScript) • Developed and trained captcha solver using OpenCV. (Python, OpenCV, Matlab, LaTeX) • Developed GPU parallel code for Fast Multipole Method in molecular dynamics. (OpenGL, GPU, CUDA, Fast Multipole Method, C++) • Presented solution to optimal packaging problem using particle simulation and simulated annealing, developed Java implementation. (Java, Swing, simulation annealing) January 2012 — September 2014 freelance Developer • Developed web applications for business automation featuring Java. (JSP, GWT, JPA, Spring, JavaFX, Hibernate) • Developed websites, performed optimization and created plugins featuring Joomla platform. (Joomla, PHP, JS) January 2009 — January 2012 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Ph.D. Student • I won and managed the research project granted by Federal program “Scientific and pedagogic personnel of innovative Russia”, I also have an experience of writing the due contest, technical and report documentation for a series of similar projects. (Python, Mathematica, LaTeX, 3D visualization, R) • Developing and maintaining of a parallel computational cluster for scientific simulations in MEPhI department. (SMP, SCALAPACK, LAPACK, OpenSuSE, Linux, BLAS, netboot, MPI, OpenMP, Ganglia, Zabbix, MPICH) • Administering and maintaining LAN and Linux-servers and Windows-servers for a department. (Linux, OpenSuSE, Windows Compute Cluster Server) • Developing parallel applications using C/C++, Fortran, Python for scientific calculation, data manipulation, visualization, analysis, and publication, as part of the winning science project. (FORTRAN, SMP, SCALAPACK, LAPACK, Python, BLAS, MPI, OpenMP, MPICH) January 2008 — January 2009 freelance Developer • Developed MS Access applications using VBA for business automation. (MySQL, MS Access, VBA) • Developed and maintained websites using LAMP. (Apache, Linux, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla)