Anna Kapilova June 2018 — present Sberbank Senior Scala developer • Developing/modification adaptive Web-GUI for REST-based services, featuring SPA and Flux state management pattern. (Scala, sbt-sassify, scss, React, Diode, SPA, scalajs-react, Flux/Redux, Scala.js) • Developing/modification interfaces to DB with query optimization, providing automatic managing and applying database schema changes. (Scala, Quill, Postgres, liquibase) • Code generation for business entities from XML/WSDL-based services. (Scala, Quill, scala-xml, scala-parser-combinators, scalaxb) • Developed integration with internal services using IBM MQ. Secure connection to MQ. (Scala, JMS, IBM MQ, SSL) • Implementation and support of the entire development cycle of CI/CD DevOps. Fine-tuning and customization of Jenkins Pipeline. Environments configuration using Ansible. (BitBucket, ansible, git, sbt, Jenkins, groovy, Sonar Cube) • Deploy DevOps to Azure to integrate outsourced work. (BitBucket, ansible, git, sbt, Jenkins, groovy, Postgres, Azure) April 2017 — June 2018 Sberbank-Technologies Middle Scala developer (Big Data Department) • Performed BigData Warehouse tasks, including Metastore, ETL, data validation, query optimization, and partitioning. (Hive, Scala, Kerberos, Impala, Spark, Oozie, CDH) • Developed backend services using Akka stack. (Akka HTTP, Scala, Quill, liquibase, Lightbend, Postgres, Akka Cluster, Actors, microservices) • Reverse-engineered Python code and database schema from prototype's data pipeline, implemented for a new platform. (Scala, Python, spray-json, Jupyter) • Developed multiple front-end components, inheriting from evolving artifacts library, adapting for continuous changes. (Scala, sbt-sassify, scss, scalajs-react, Scala.js) • Kerberos web-authentication. (Kerberos, SSO, SPNEGO, Scala) • Test automatization, featuring TDD (unit-tests) and BDD (Selenium). (Selenium, akka testkit, Impala, TDD, BDD, Scalatest) April 2016 — April 2017 Sberbank-Technologies Developer • Developed UI tests. (Selenium, Selenide, JUnit, Java) • Developed and modified forms for an internal DMS. (IBM Forms, XFDL, XML, DMS) • XML/XSLT data transformation pipeline for internal CRM. (CRM, XSLT, git) • Developed research projects (data compression algorithms, custom collections). (Scala, Akka, Akka Cluster) • REST API testing. (Scala, ScalaTest, Selenium WebDriver) • Practiced agile and scrum methodologies, developed custom Jira workflow. (Jira, Confluence, agile) May 2013 — April 2016 PJSC VimpelCom Middle Engineer • Developed application for transactions monitoring. (bash, PL/SQL, Oracle Database) • Developed application for batch operation with services. (Tuxedo, bash, Oracle Database) • Developed application for postpaid-customers billing. (Java, Spring, bash) • Developed application for applicative data validation. (bash, PL/SQL, Oracle Database) • Supervision of developers and administrators in remote offices abroad, providing training, consultations, control of tasks. (HP Quality Center, Oracle Database, BMC Remedy AR System) • Planning, execution control, documentation, participation in the implementation of planned and unscheduled work (the introduction of new functionality, server migration, releases installation. (Unix, Oracle Database, HP Quality Center) December 2011 — April 2013 PJSC VimpelCom Engineer • Development/modification/support for subscriber's traffic processing software system, mobile customers data management, reporting and data analysis. (Amdocs Ensemble, bash, Pl/SQL, Java) • Developed scripts and triggers to automate billing tasks and resolve billing problems. (bash, Pl/SQL, Java) • Developed scripts, instructions, procedures, creating templates for monitoring triggers. (Zabbix, bash, Oracle Database) • Export data to SORM, servers administration. (Windows, MySQL) October 2010 — November 2011 freelance Developer • Worked with scalable, highly loaded global distribution systems. Developed scripts for generating reports. (Amadeus, Gabriel, UNIX shell) • Developed procedures and triggers, DB administering. (MySQL, PostgreSQL) January 2008 — January 2010 freelance Developer • Developed and maintained websites using LAMP. (Apache, CSS, JS, Linux, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Joomla) • Sound processing research project. (Matlab, Fast Fourier Transform) • Developed desktop applications. (С++, Windows API, MFC) • Developed MS Access applications. (MySQL, MS Access)